Waterproofing In Mississippi

We Dry Up Wet Crawl Spaces & Basements

Our warrantied drain systems will keep your basement or crawl space dry.

Which drainage system is right for your home?

Different problems call for different tools to fix them.  Each one of our drainage systems is designed to address a different, unique challenge that you may be facing. Some of these challenges involve the way your home has been designed, while others address unusual basement water issues, such as iron ochre.

If you notice water leaking into your basement or crawl space after a lot of rain,  or if you experience flooding, installing a perimeter drain is a simple yet effective way to waterproof your home.

As the waterproofing specialists in Mississippi, we offer a wide range of drainage installation options both interior and exterior to help keep the space under your home dry and clean. Our systems fit all types of foundations, and we will help you select the best drainage system for your needs.

We offer a wide selection of basement drainage options to choose from, and our basement waterproofing specialists can help you select the best system for your home.

french drain installation msExterior French Drain

A French drain can also be called drain tile, weeping tile, French ditch and perimeter drain. The concept of the French drain was developed by Henry Flagg French in the mid-1800s. This type of basement waterproofing method is actually a trench filled with gravel, rock or a perforated pipe that redirects water away from the foundation. The problem with traditional French drains is that they can easily clog. Once clogged they no longer are effective in removing water from your basement or crawl space.

Our patented interior basement drainage systems take the concept of the French drain and incorporate a clog-free design. These systems, along with our other waterproofing products, will keep your basement or crawl space clean and dry.  You can use the space for storage, entertaining or additional living space, without worrying everytime it rains.

basement waterproofing drain system msWaterGuard® Below-Floor Drain

For a typical basement, our WaterGuard® below-floor drain is the ideal choice for waterproofing. This drainage system is designed to be installed below the floor slab, resting on top of the foundation footing. This keeps the system out of the dirt and mud, where drains can clog.

Installation involves removing a section of floor around the perimeter and creating a trench. Sections of WaterGuard® are then placed within the trench, resting on a bed of drainage stone, and the floor is restored back to original. A wall flange extends 3/8" above the floor, allowing the drain to collect water leaking from the basement walls.

This warrantied system can assure you your basement will stay clean and dry.

DryTrak® Baseboard Drain Pipebasement drainage system ms

Many foundations come in three pieces: walls, floor, and footing. Other types of foundations like the monolithic foundation, come with the floor and footing as one piece, The walls are installed on top as a separate piece and many times are cement block. Monolithic foundations have exceptionally thick floors around the edges.

We recommend the DryTrak® Baseboard Drain Pipe system for this type of foundation. This unique drain system installs above the floor, eliminating the dust and labor of jackhammering adn provides a way to catch any incoming water from the floor and the walls.

FlowGuard® Thin Floor Drain Systemthin floor drain system ms

Sometimes if concrete floor in a basement is too thin it isnt practical to install a drain on top of the footer.

We usually address this challenge with our FlowGuard Thin Floor Drain. This system is designed to sit in front of the footing in a bed of drainage stone. After installation, the concrete floor is restored over it. Like our other drain systems, FlowGuard includes a wall flange, which extends up the wall to direct any leaking water to your sump pump system.

WaterGuard® IOS Perimeter Drainiron ochre drain system ms

If iron bacteria is present in your water, it will create a gelatinous, rust-colored substance known as iron ochre. This unpleasant material is notorious for smelling terrible, staining everything it touches, and clogging drainage systems.

For those areas of MS that have this issue, we can solve this problem with our WaterGuard® IOS Perimeter Drain. This product is a modified version of our WaterGuard® system that includes an extra-wide drain channel, and larger drainage openings. To allow for easy drain system maintenance if clogged, the drain system also includes an exposed, removable lid.

TrenchDrain™ Grated Drainage Pipegrated drainage system pipe ms

Sometimes the water problem is where we have an opening to the outside allowing rain water to just come right in.  We offer systems to prevent water from flooding from an outer entryway (hatchways, garage doors, under doorways, etc.).

We typically solve this problem with our TrenchDrain Grated Drain Pipe. The grated opening of this system is designed to accept water from the floor, where it's then directed to your perimeter drain. Like our other drain systems, TrenchDrain is compatible with a radon mitigation system. .