Crawl Space Encapsulation In Mississippi

Do you have musty smells in your home? Mold in your crawl space?

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Did you know that mold, rot, water damage or structural problems in your crawl space can affect your entire home?

Foundation Recovery Systems of Mississippi specializes in crawl space solutions to provide your family with a dry, healthy crawl space.  We can improve your home's overall comfort and energy efficiency too! Every MS home with a crawl space can benefit from encapsulation and waterproofing.

No matter what crawl space problems your home has,  we can help. We offer state-of-the-art products, like our CleanSpace® Vapor Barrier System, and all of our products are installed by experienced contractors who specialize in fixing crawl spaces.

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Problems caused by moisture in the crawl space:

  • Damp and musty odors in your home
  • Health issues from mold spores and mildew
  • Cold floors above the crawl space
  • Warped hardwood floors above the crawl space
  • Higher humidity in the home
  • Increased allergic reactions
  • High heating and cooling costs
  • Rodent and insect infestations


If notice any of these issues in your home, chances are you will benefit from sealing your crawl space. A crawl space vapor barrier or encapsulation system like CleanSpace® Crawl Space Liner,  will stop moisture from passing through your floors and porous concrete walls. This durable system can turn your crawl space in usable storage space while solving the problem with moisture and musty smells.

A vented crawl space is not an good solution

A Mississippi crawl space doesn’t have to be flooded or water standing in it to have problems with humidity.  To much humidity in your home can create problems for your health and your home. The fungus that causes rot and mold not only eats away at the structure of a home, but spreads by producing millions of airborne spores. These spores are typical issues for anyone with allergies.

For a long time many thought the solution was to add vents to a crawl space. The idea behind this was that vents would help reduce the moisture in the air.  But what was found after years of research, that when the warm outdoor air enters the crawl space through the vents, it can bring a lot of extra water vapor with it, raising the relative humidity in the crawl space. 

In fact, the biggest issue - moisture from the dirt beneath a home - is not even addressed with venting. The good news is our crawl space encapsulation system seals the crawl space off from moisture coming up from the dirt and from the damp air outside.

Encapsulate your crawl space with our all-in-one solution

With a crawl space encapsulation system from Foundation Recovery Systems of Mississippi, you will not only stop crawl space leaks and control moisture, but you will gain a healthier and more comfortable home. We offer a full range of crawl space products that are compatible with our CleanSpace® crawl space encapsulation system.

The CleanSpace® Crawl Space Vapor Barrier Systemcrawl space encapsulation

The CleanSpace® Crawl Space Vapor Barrier is the heart and soul of the CleanSpace® system. This durable, bright white crawl space liner installs on the walls and floors, preventing water vapor and humidity from passing through. By keeping your crawl space dry, you protect your structure and insulation from mold and rot.

With a 25-year warranty against rips and tears, this durable 20-mil poly-reinforced crawl space liner converts your crawl space into a usable storage area. And with its mold-resistant additive "UltraFresh", CleanSpace® will never support mildew or mold growth on its surface.

The SmartPipe™ Crawl Space Drainage Systemcrawl space drainage system MS

 Wet crawl spaces create a big problem with rot and mold, and that can lead to expensive repairs in the long term.

The answer is the SmartPipe™ Crawl Space Drainage System. Its custom design includes holes on the top and front to accept water from the soil and surface of your crawl space. A special wall flange collects water from the crawl space walls and the footing/wall joint.

CleanSpace® Airtight Crawl Space Vent Coversfrench drain installation ms

Crawl space vents have proven time and time again that they just don't work. Originally intended to use outside air to dry crawl spaces, they do more harm than good when the air outside is humid, damp, or freezing cold.

As an important part of our crawl space repair system, we highly recommend that you seal off your crawl space vents. This keeps outside air away, along with all the moisture, pests, winter cold, and summer heat it brings with it.

Seal The Vents And Install A Liner To Preserve & Improve Your Crawl Space