Sinking Or Settling Concrete Floor Slabs

Repairing Cracked or Sinking Concrete Floors

The Problem:

The concrete slab floor is sinking, sagging, or settling and maybe causing your floor to crack or maybe even the walls to separate from the floor or ceiling. 

This could include:

  • Cracks in the concrete floor
  • Gaps appearing between the floor and wall.
  • Walls separating from the ceiling.
  • Walls pulling away from adjacent walls
  • Interior wall cracks usually around corners of interior doors.Concrete Slab Pier Mississippi

The two best options for repairing sinking concrete slabs:

Install a slab pier system that levels the slab section by connecting to stable soil or bedrock.


Raise settled concrete using PolyLevel® expanding foam.This high-density foam installed beneath the slab fills voids and consolidates weak soils while also raising settled slabs back to their original position.

Before and After: PolyLevel® used to raise floor slab

Concrete Floor Repair Before MississippiConcrete Floor Repair After Mississippi

What Causes A Concrete Floor Slab To Settle?

When a concrete slab floor settles, it can cause serious damage to your home. The causes of floor slab settlement are typically due to the soils underneath being unable to support the weight of the concrete. They often accompany other foundation problems in your home.

Fortunately, there are fast, effective ways to address concrete slab floor settlement issues. if you would like a free foundation slab stabilization quote for your problem, call or e-mail us today!

Installing The Supportworks Slab Pier System

The Supportworks Slab Pier System stabilizes the concrete floor slab in your home. It provides the best opportunity to raise the floor back to level and lift non-load bearing partition walls that may have settled along with the slab. To install this type of slab pier system, our team will take these six steps:

Preparing for InstallationPrepare Concrete Floor Mississippi

Before the installation day, a representative from our company will have already inspected your foundation issue. Your foundation repair experts will use that proposal to map out the locations where the slab piers will be installed.

A small hole is cored through your concrete slab floor. This hole will create an access point for the slab piers that are about to be installed.

Position Slab BracketPosition Slab Bracket Mississippi

Next a slab bracket is positioned beneath the concrete slab.

The Supportworks Slab Pier System uses a three-piece slab bracket that is assembled underneath your concrete floor, allowing for a much smaller hole to be cored in your concrete slab. This larger bracket covers more area along your floor, creating a more even distribution of weight.

Install Steel TubesInstall Steel Tubes Mississippi

The steel tubes are hydraulically driven down through the pier bracket to the stable soils beneath the slab.

To prevent corrosion, we have slab piers available that are designed using galvanized steel. This ensures the quality and long-lasting strength of your slab pier system.

These tubes once connected to stable soil transfer the weight of the structure to the competent soils.

Transfer Slab Weight To SoilTransfer Concrete Weight To Soil Mississippi

Once the weight of the concrete slab is transferred to the piers to the load-bearing strata underneath your home the system lifts your concrete slab floor upwards, the sinking movement of your floor will be halted.

Often, it will also be possible to lift the concrete slab back to a level position and stabilize it from moving in the future.

Inject Grout FillInject Grout Fill Mississippi

If your floor had been sinking because of compacted soil or erosion there will be a gap between the slab and the floor.

LIfting the concrete slab will also create a void underneath the floor.

To provide additional support we then carefully pump grout under the slab to fill in all empty spaces.

The CleanupCleanup Concrete Missippi

Once the slab pier installation is completed, we repair all cored holes with concrete, making your final installation virtually invisible.  Any debris generated during the installation is cleaned up and removed by us.

We take pride in leaving your home looking clean and neat.

And once we're done, you can rest easy, knowing that you have a 25-year warranty on manufacturer's defects, as well as a performance warranty from us.

What NOT To Do

As with most home repairs not every method will work for your situation. Here are two methods of repair that we at Foundation Recovery Systems of Mississippi do NOT recommend:

Jackhammering Concrete Slab MississippiConcrete Slab Replacement:

To begin a job like this, all home furnishings, floor coverings, and interior walls must be removed. Then a crew jackhammers the existing floor into pieces and removes them.

Then a new concrete floor is poured and the homeowner must allow two weeks for the grout to cure sufficiently.

The interior walls may then be rebuilt, floor coverings reinstalled, and furnishings may be returned back to the space.

Not only is this situation is disruptive and expensive, it has not addressed the original cause of the problem.   Without addressing the soil problems that lead to the floor cracks, your new floor may "break" over time too.

Releveling Grout MississippiReleveling Grout On Top Of The Slab:

For this method, all floor coverings on the slab must be removed. The floor is then prepared so that grout will be able to bond with the slab surface.

Then a self-leveling grout is poured along the slab surface and creates a level surface. Once the grout is allowed to cure for several days, the floor coverings can be replaced.

If the floor wasn't prepared properly, the grout may not bond well to the surface of the slab, which could lead to chunks of it breaking off. The grout will add weight to the slab, which could potentially make the situation worse by causing further settlement. And, just like with the last two options, the real problem of soil settlement is not addressed!

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