Foundation Helical Pier Systems in Mississippi

Is your home showing signs of foundation settlement?Foundation Repair In MS using Helical Piers

Foundation Recovery Systems of Mississippi uses the patented Supportworks helical pier system to stabilize the foundation. Helical piers can lift your home back to a level position without the expense and disruption of a total foundation replacement.

Our technicians are certified and trained in the installation of helical piers for foundation settlement repair.

A helical pier owes its name to the helical plates welded to the pier shaft. These plates help to pull the pier into the soil during installation and provide anchoring strength as the weight of the foundation or structural element is transferred to the pier.

Helical piers have a great deal of versatility for stabilizing and restoring foundations and masonry elements.  These are also the perfect choice for light structures like decks and concrete stairs and can be installed year-round.

How helical foundation piers work

The steel piers are mechanically "screwed" into the soil using small equipment.

helical pier foundation repair mississippiFor an outside installation, the soil around your foundation must be excavated to expose the footing at each pier location. For an inside installation, a section of your slab floor will need to be removed to expose the footing. The slab is restored after the installation.

Once the piers are installed to the appropriate depths and capacities, a steel foundation bracket is connected to the helical piers and to your foundation's footing. The weight of your home is transferred from the original, unstable soils, through the piers, to the competent soil or bedrock.

Advantages of our helical piers:

The difference is in the shape of the helical pierHelical Pier Systems For Lighter Loads

The true helix design of a Supportworks helical pier (left in photo) meets ICC (International Code Criteria) standards. Many contractors use helical piers with a "duckbill" shape (right in photo).

Why does this matter? The helix shape of the helical piers we use helps minimize soil disturbance during installation.


Are you looking for a proven solution to fix your settling home foundation, deck or stoop? We can install helical piers to repair your settling structure or for a new construction project. We offer complete structural repair services for properties in Mississippi. Contact us to schedule your on-site assessment and free estimate today.