Mississippi Foundation Problems

Indentifying the issue with your foundation is the first step to a solution

Foundation failure can happen for many reasons. 
Determining what is wrong can help to plan for a solution.


Over time, foundations can be damaged in many ways, leading to different foundation problems. This can feel overwhelming for any homeowner, as the safety of your home seems to be at risk. However, as long as you are proactive about foundation repair, the recovery process won't be so bad as it seems.

Choosing the right contractor is half the battle when it comes to your foundation, and we are more than ready to help. Our patented, warrantied foundation products have been tried and tested on thousands of other homes, and we know they'll work for you as well. Schedule a no-cost, no-obligation quote for foundation repair today.

Common signs of foundation problems

We have compiled a list of the signs and symptoms of foundation disrepair we have seen around Mississippi that you may be able to see around your home. Each one of these symptoms has one or several dedicated solutions that we will be able to apply to your property, giving you long-lasting safety and security.

Bowing Walls MS Leaning or Bowed In Walls

Water-saturated soil can exert enough pressure to cause foundation walls to bow or lean.

Mississippi Sinking Foundation SettlementFoundation Settlement

We can identify and repair any issue you may be having with settling, sinking foundations.

Sagging beams in MS crawl spaces Sagging Crawl Space

Whether it’s poor footings or inadequate posts and beams, we can quickly jack your floors back to level.

Cracking concrete and brick walls MS Wall Cracks

Foundation cracks vary in severity from a simple cosmetic issue to a major problem with your home.

cracking concrete floors MS Floor Cracks

Your concrete slab floor is showing signs of sinking, sagging, or settling – there are solutions for this.

Sloping Floors MS Uneven Floors

Sinking floors can lead to a variety of other issues, including jamming doors and drywall cracks.

Heaving Concrete Foundation Floors Heaving Foundation

Foundation upheaval can lift an entire structure  or it could force parts of a foundation or slab upwards.

Foundation Problems cause sticking windows and doors Sticking Doors & Windows

Sticking windows and doors are among the most obvious and inconvenient of them all.

Our foundation repair specialists can help!

If you have seen any of the above issues around your home or property, they won't get better on their own. Calling in a professional contractor will help indentify the extent of your foundation problems and the best course of action to take. You should never work with someone who only offers a temporary fix and does not understand the root of the issue.

Our company is a part of the Foundation Supportworks dealer network and has access to proven solutions for all kinds of foundations. Foundation Supportworks hires dedicated structural and geotechnical engineers who continue to innovate every day. We have complete faith in the positive impact these products will have on your home.

We have the expertise you need to quickly and accurately identify the foundation problem you may be facing. And once we know what the issue is, a permanent solution is right around the corner! Common issues can be fixed in as little as one day by our trained and authorized foundation repair specialists.