Sinking/Settling Foundation Problems

Identifying Problems Related To Foundation Sinking & Settlement

The Problem:

Your home is showing signs of damage because of potential foundation settlement.

The Settling Foundation MississippiSigns Include:

  • Cracks In Brick Or Concrete Block Foundation Walls in a Stair-Step pattern
  • Chimneys that are Tilted or Leaning
  • Cracking Around Doors & Windows
  • Windows or Doors that are Jammed or Sticking
  • Concrete Slab Floor that is Cracking
  • Cracks In Drywall

The Solution:

We fix foundation settlement issues by installing steel foundation piers. These piers are installed beneath the foundation and driven into strong supporting soils or bedrock that will stabilize your structure.

Identifying Foundation Settlement Issues

Signs of a settling foundation can be very subtle at first -- many Mississippi or Louisana homeowners can go months or even years before noticing a crack in their foundation. The long-term damage from foundation settlement, however, is ongoing and will lead to more severe foundation problems.

Signs Of Foundation Settlement

When a foundation experiences settlement you will start noticing signs there is a problem. Below we have outlined some of the most common ways that foundation settlement can become visible to the homeowner.

Stair Step CrackingStair-Step Cracking

Stair-step cracking is one of the signs of foundation settlement in brick in concrete block walls.

As the settlement continues, vertical cracks may widen or become uneven as wall sections tilt away from each other, indicating more severe displacement.

Watch for cracks that are wider at the top than at the bottom, as this is a sign of advancing settlement.

Leaning Chimney MississippiLeaning or Tilting Chimneys

Chimneys that are leaning or titled and are separating from the home is one of the most intimidating and dramatic signs of a settling foundation.

Often times a chimney is built on a footing that is not connected to the house foundation, making it even more at risk of settlement. 




Damaged Doors and Windows MississippiDamages To Doors & Windows

An opening in any foundation wall is a weak point. Signs of foundation settlement can often show up around door and window openings located above settlement areas.

Doors and windows frames may be out-of-square. Cracks will sometimes extend from the corners above doors and windows. Doors will sometimes separate from the framing or exterior finish. Other indications of foundation problems include sticking, jamming doors and windows and locks no longer working because of alignment issues.


Concrete Floor Crack MississippiSlab Floor Cracks

Cracking in your concrete floor slab can be a indicator of foundation problems due to settlement, but they may also be a sign that the slab floor itself has settlement issues.

There are times when your slab floor may sink or lift independently of the foundation walls, damaging the floors but not necessarily the walls.




Drywall Crack MississippiDrywall Cracks

Cracks in drywall throughout the house are indicators of foundation settlement. Cracks will sometimes be larger and more obvious in the upper levels.

You can usually find drywall cracks caused by foundation settlement located at the corners of doors and windows and along drywall seams. Drywall tape can also show the issues if it's ripping or coming loose. In some cases drywall cracks can also be a sign of sinking crawl space supports, sinking floors, or floors that are heaving.