Street Creep RepairStreet Creep Repair

If you live in a region where your streets are made with concrete, the expansion and contraction of the concrete can lead to serious damage to your foundation.

How we solve foundation problems caused by street creep

Foundation Recovery Systems of Mississippi stabilizes cracked, bowing and leaning basement walls caused by "street creep." If you notice any signs of a foundation problem, let our pros inspect your home to determine the cause of your issues and recommend the best foundation repair solution.

For stabilizing foundations that have been damaged by street creep, the combination of new expansion joints and the Geo-Lock® wall anchor system is the most effective repair method.

As its expansion joints begin to fail, a concrete driveway can exert tremendous pressure on the garage slab and walls, and on your foundation walls. This can lead to serious cracks in these walls.

Street creep can be effectively repaired with our warrantied street creep repair system, which includes wall anchors and improved expansion joints.

Commons Signs your property suffers from street creep:

Street Creep Foundation Issues MSThe expansion joint between the driveway and garage is fully compressed.
broken foundation driveway msThe foundation walls on either side of the garage door are pushed inward by the driveway slab.
cracked foundation from street creep msGaps in foundation walls on each side of garage door & slab is pushed rearward.
garage slab pushed out MSFoundation walls are pushed out by the garage slab from street creep.

What is street creep and how is it caused?

Street creep, also known as concrete creep, is a common foundation problem in Mississippi and it's caused by the thermal expansion and contraction of concrete streets and pavement surrounding a home. Here's how it happens:

Because concrete expands when it’s hot and contracts when it's cold, contractors install expansion joints in the driveway to allow for movement during temperature fluctuations. Expansion and control joints widen during cold months and narrow during hot months.

The problem: During winter months, the widened expansion joints in the street often become filled with sand, gravel and grit. When the temperatures rise again during spring and summer months, the concrete expands and can compress the expansion joints or push against the surrounding concrete slabs with greater and greater force. When the expansion happens, the concrete street pushes against the driveway, which then pushes against the home's foundation. Street creep mostly affects homes with attached garages.

Our proven two-part solution: Expansion joints and Geo-Lock wall anchors

street creep foundation repair ms

Fixing foundation damage caused by street creep usually requires a two-part repair process:

  1. New expansion joints will likely need to be installed to relieve the pressure on the wall. At least one, and sometimes two, expansion joints are needed, depending on the severity of the problem.
  1. We install Supportworks Geo-Lock wall anchors to stabilize your damaged foundation walls. To do this, holes are cut through the garage slab and soil is augured out in order to install earth anchors underground. Then, the earth anchors are connected to plates that are positioned on the foundation walls and tightened with a connecting steel rod.


When you trust Foundation Recovery Systems of Mississippi to repair your foundation damage, you can rest assured that you are getting an effective, long-lasting solution. With the installation of Geo-Lock wall anchors, you will get a 25-year warranty against manufacturing defects as well as our own performance warranty.

Ready to schedule your no-obligation assessment? Contact us today to request your free estimate. We offer a full range of warrantied foundation repair products and services for homes in Mississippi.