Geo-Lock® Wall Anchors

Warrantied steel anchors for stabilizing bowing, cracked basement walls

foundation wall repair with anchors msFoundation Recovery Systems of Mississippi uses Supportworks Geo-Lock® wall anchors to stabilize cracked and bowed basement walls.

A unique benefit of the system is the anchors can be tightened during dry periods when the soil around your house shrinks; meaning in many cases, your walls can be completely straightened over time.

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Geo-Lock wall anchors just make sense.

Other factors in foundation wall damage include heavy rains (causing hydrostatic pressure) and exterior slabs such as driveways or porches, that put pressure on the wall by expanding in hot weather. Large tree roots, soil expansion due to frost, and issues related to poor grading can also cause foundation damage.

When the soil around your home expands and continually presses against the outside of the foundation walls, there's nothing on the inside to equalize the pressure. When your walls can no longer support the pressure, the result can be cracking, bowing and tipping.

Foundation wall anchors address this problem by "gripping" the inside surface of the wall and countering the pressure.

How Geo-Lock wall anchors work

The heavy-duty, galvanized earth anchors are installed in stable soil away from your foundation. They are connected to heavy-duty steel wall plates on the interior side of your foundation walls. The anchors are designed to hold the wall in its current position, without any further adjustment.

Stable Foundation Walls

The Geo-Lock system will immediately stabilize your basement walls and protect against further wall movement.

We also recommend installing Hide-A-Way® wall anchor covers (see photo), so you will never need to cut or damage your drywall in order to access and tighten your wall anchors. These covers are made to fit over Geo-Lock wall anchors and their sleek, paintable design make them the ideal solution for a finished or unfinished basement.

Advantages of Geo-Lock wall anchor system:

Warranty protects against further wall movement

The Geo-Lock wall anchor system includes a 25-year warranty against manufacturing defects and we also provide our own performance warranty on wall anchor installations in Mississippi.